Lithium  Polymer  Battery

The Lithium polymer battery (Li-Polymer Battery) is also known as macromolecule lithium battery,compared with ordinary lithium batteries, it has higher energy, smaller size and lighter weight. At the same time, lithium polymer batteries have ultra-thin characteristics, according to the needs of different products which can be used to manufacture batteries of different shapes and capacities,the theoretical minimum thickness of this type of battery is up to 0.5mm. Because it is packaged in special materials, if there is a problem inside the battery, we can judge from the appearance, even if the battery has a safety hazard, it will not explode, the electrolyte of the lithium polymer battery not only has good electrical conductivity, but also has the characteristics of light weight and good elasticity which are unique to the polymer material. Comply with the development trend of battery safety, high efficiency and environmental protection, In this column, you will browse through many different sizes of lithium polymer batteries.

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