Rechargeable Batteries

Today, with the continuous development of technology, more and more electronic products have been developed. Due to a defect in the traditional Primary Battery,it cannot be reused. Therefore, the rechargeable battery was invented,the biggest advantage of this type of battery is its excellent performance and its ability to be reused. Usually they can charge and discharge cycles up to 3000 times or more. In this column, you will see different types of rechargeable batteries, you can choose according to your needs and application industry. Our rechargeable batteries include Rechargeable Button Batteries, Lithium lon Rechargeable Battery, Lithium Polymer Battery,  LiFePO4 Battery, NI-Mh Battery, NI-Cd Battery. You can use rechargeable batteries in the following industry sectors,Mobile phone,laptops,electric tools,electric car,street lamp standly power,navigation lights,small household electrical appliance,electric bicycle,electric scooter,electric moped,electric wheelchair,electric sightseeing car,golf cart,wireless telephone,blue tooth headset,digital camera,video recorde,portable DVD,MD,CD players,fax machines,PDAS,miners lamp,etc. All of our rechargeable batteries are subjected to rigorous quality testing, so they are very reliable.

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