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Unveiling the Differences in Energy Storage Station Preferences Between Men and Women


Discovering the Unique Preferences of Male and Female Users of Energy Storage Stations With over 19 years of industry experience, CTECHi achieved cumulative sales of 10GWh in 2023! By summarizing feedback from users in mainland China, Hong Kong, Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and other regions, we have identified distinct user characteristics among male and female players of energy storage stations!

They say men are from Mars and women are from Venus. What do these "Martians" who are adept at "problem-solving" and "Venusians" who excel at "expressing emotions" focus on when it comes to energy storage stations?

Have you ever noticed that once male friends start exploring a certain field, they will systematically acquire all the good stuff in that domain? Games, sports, and electronic devices are the three treasures that capture the attention of straight men.

They can effortlessly produce a plethora of high-performance professional-grade equipment, making power stations like the GT1500 (peak power 2000 watts) and ST2000 (peak power 3000 watts) the perfect fit for them.

"Martians" prefer decisiveness and directness, so the most suitable way for them is to get straight to the point:

  • USB charging is convenient, enough to charge a drone more than 20 times

  • The bread maker is okay, with a peak power of 680 watts

  • The soy milk maker is okay, with a peak power of 490 watts

  • The coffee machine is okay, ready to brew a good cup of coffee anytime, anywhere

  • The rice cooker is okay, reducing cooking time by half for guys who cook

  • The laptop is okay, perfect for watching movies

  • The projector + laptop is no problem, enough for a 5-hour high-definition football match

With the recent excitement of the World Cup, featuring Saudi Arabia's exceptional goalkeeping and Argentina's unexpected loss, it's even more enjoyable to invite friends over to watch together! Bring the power station outdoors and start a big-screen projection to watch the match, combining friend gatherings, game viewing, and outdoor activities into one unforgettable experience!

[GT600 Powerful Quick Charging Station] ✅ Huge 144000mAh battery capacity, 2 days of camping without power interruption ✅ 2000 charge cycles, longer service life ✅ 600W high power output, easily drives the projector ✅ Lithium iron phosphate blade cell, automotive-grade stability and explosion-proof ✅ Modified sine wave output, stable and efficient, no need to wait for electricity

What about girls? When they embark on a "refined camping" trip with their girlfriends, they enjoy the convenience of power stations. At the same time, they take out the power station to guard everyone's safety during power outages. When working outdoors, the power station becomes their fashionable accessory.

In their world, they focus more on the convenient use of power stations. Are there enough ports? Dad's drone, the kids' game console, mom and grandma's phones, the Bluetooth speakers for playing music and movies, the projector that can be plugged in and used right away, and the electric baking oven for the whole family... No problem using them all together with up to 7 ports!

Put meat and drinks in the car refrigerator, use hand warmers and electric blankets outdoors without losing warmth, boil water in the kettle for a cup of warm coffee, and enjoy the aroma of mocha coffee from the mocha pot.

"Venusians" value the process more, focusing on functionality and the effort behind it. Men and women are indeed mysterious creatures, and their different ways of thinking make the process of using power stations more enjoyable.

Men can also pursue a rugged aesthetic, and a beautiful appearance can bring them joy when using power stations. Girls can also offer insightful comments on products with high technological content, making them happier to recommend them to friends.

There's no absolute rule. As long as you're happy with it, it's the right power station for you :)

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