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BYD Quietly Achieves a Major Milestone for Carbon Neutrality


As global climate change continues to worsen, the urgency for countries to achieve carbon neutrality has never been greater. China, in particular, is striving to achieve carbon peaking by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060. In line with these goals, BYD, a responsible and forward-thinking Chinese company, has taken a significant step towards zero carbon emissions.

Since August 2021, BYD has been actively working towards its goal of establishing China's first zero-carbon headquarters campus for automotive brands. In just one year, the BYD Pingshan headquarters campus has successfully reduced emissions by 245,681.89 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent, earning recognition with both the "ISO 14064 Certification" and the "PAS 2060 Carbon Neutrality Certification" from SGS.

BYD's commitment to zero carbon extends beyond its headquarters campus to its choice of battery materials. By pioneering the use of lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries, BYD has significantly contributed to reducing environmental impact. Unlike traditional lead-acid batteries widely used in China's manufacturing sector, LiFePO4 batteries are non-toxic and non-polluting, aligning with new national standards aimed at phasing out lead-acid batteries in favor of lithium batteries.

The advantages of LiFePO4 batteries, such as high capacity, stable voltage output, and environmental safety, make them ideal for powering various applications, including portable power stations. CTECHi's portable power stations, featuring LiFePO4 batteries, offer users a reliable, clean, and safe power source for outdoor activities, emergencies, and everyday use.

With a focus on sustainability and innovation, BYD continues to lead the way towards a greener future. Through the adoption of advanced technologies and environmentally friendly practices, BYD is not only reducing its carbon footprint but also setting a benchmark for the automotive industry and beyond.

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