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CTECHi Leads the Way in the Booming Energy Storage Industry Highlighted by CCTV


With the weather gradually cooling down, outdoor activities such as road trips, camping, fishing, and surfing are back on the agenda. However, the challenge of ensuring access to electricity while on the go remains. From draining smartphone batteries to craving hotpot meals, the need for reliable power sources outdoors is undeniable.

Portable energy storage products, commonly referred to as "outdoor mobile power sources," offer a solution to these challenges. These devices, equipped with lithium-ion batteries, provide stable AC/DC power outputs and are suitable for various outdoor activities, emergency situations, medical rescue operations, and outdoor work scenarios.

The trillion-dollar energy storage market, as highlighted by CCTV, has witnessed exponential growth in recent years, driven by surging demand for outdoor activities amidst the pandemic and China's ambitious goals for new energy development. However, the competition in this rapidly expanding market is fierce, with numerous players vying for a share.

CTECHi, with its 19 years of industry experience, stands out as a leader in the field of energy storage. The company has received recognition as a national-level "specialized, refined, new, and innovative" (SRNI) small giant enterprise, underscoring its commitment to innovation and excellence.

Safety is paramount in the energy storage industry, and CTECHi prioritizes user safety above all else. The company has obtained over 200 intellectual property rights, including 27 invention patents, and employs advanced safety measures such as the use of lithium iron phosphate batteries known for their superior safety and efficiency.

Moreover, CTECHi's energy storage products undergo rigorous testing, with each unit subjected to 326 professional tests before reaching the hands of consumers. The company is actively involved in setting industry standards, contributing to the standardization and regulation of the energy storage sector.

By collaborating with renowned brands such as Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, LG, and Toshiba, CTECHi ensures the quality and reliability of its products. Its clientele includes projects ranging from mobile tower power supply in China to off-grid solar energy storage projects in Africa and Europe.

In conclusion, CTECHi's dedication to safety, innovation, and quality makes it a trusted provider of energy storage solutions. As the company continues to push the boundaries of innovation, it remains committed to making energy storage accessible and reliable for households worldwide.

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